Moth Free Zone

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Common Tern flying past an attenuation pond.

Yes kids, this blog is moth free. Through the month of June many of my peers have resorted to watching, catching, photographing and even posting about moths because there are no birds.

There are birds. No need for moths.

Yesterday I found three House Martins. Have you any idea how rare this is in Fulham? Despite the mud, water houses and enough insects to keep a small group of swifts happy there are no resident hirundines, so yesterdays finding was a cracker.

There have been plenty of other birds to see here - no need for moths.


A heron.

Um, a Cormorant.

Lets see, errr - a Dunnock!

Oh yeah, Wood Pigeons.


Er, Mallard

Wren anyone?


Alan Tilmouth said...

I think I can see a Yellow Shell in your image.

Nathalie said...

Plenty of birds on my blog, though 15 photos of jays may not be to everyone's taste...

I got excited by 4 housemartins at Hammersmith Bridge last Saturday, I have seen so few of them this year, and I have yet to find any nest, all the ones I knew of having broken and not been rebuilt over the past years.

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