Bohemian Rhapsody

Monday, March 08, 2010

Or 'More Dirty Filthy Twitching'.

But, right, I was going to Brent Res anyway right, and Finchley is really only 5 minutes up the North Circular so it's not like it was a big twitch or anything - just a teeny-weeny one.  So it doesn't really count, does it?

Now, if you are going to stand by a traffic jam in north London staring into a tree with tripods, germans and cameras and stuff, the local residents are going to ask you what you are doing, often loudly.  Many of them from cars.  Because they are bored. 

A twitcherer doing public information

Some people get a look through the germans (especially young humans - even though I can't bear them most of the time - it's important innit?) and others don't.  Most folks thank you and some make jokes.  I don't always spot them though.  When a man says 'that's the best looking bird I've seen round here' (TWICE) - I was thinking that it probably was as he wasn't a birder and Finchely isn't a renowned hot spot for birds, good looking or not.  Mrs Thing tells me that he was being funny, but I'm a bit to literal in these situations to have understood in any way.

Many readers already know what I went to see, for those that don't - here it is.

A Waxwing doing bohemian


Derek Gallagher said...

Nice shot, still waiting to see my first Waxwing. Don't seem to have been many in the north west to 'Twitch' this winter.


Mrs Thing said...

OMG you so love it and the accompaning WOW

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