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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've yacked on about Thames21 and their valiant work in trying to keep the Thames clean by having regular collections of litter and detritus from the foreshore.  There are a similar bunch of people who do this on the river Wandle, The Wandle Trust, who are not just litter collectors but do so regularly. 

Having subscribed to an e-mail doodah, over the course of the winter I would be kept up to date with the news regarding the river and also when they were having clear ups at the weekend.  All very worthy, but for me worrying.  When the alerts come through, they would detail the date and time of the get together, and the location  - the stretch of the river that they would be clearing up.  Opening these mails would always cause me some consternation as it is only a matter of time before they clean up my stretch.  And then what?  It's dissapointing that a shopping trolley has been left in the river so many years (not the fault of the Wandle Trust obviously), so I shouldn't cavil at this, and the Coots cannot realistically succeed in their breeding attempts but I couldn't help but object anyway.  But for no good reason.

To answer my question, I've contacted them.  There might be something that can be done.  There might not. 

If you don't ask...

A Coot doing oblivious to machinations


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