I need a tele-scaup

Monday, March 15, 2010

Because my telescope doesn't seem to be able do Scaup.  There is a female Scaup that has been at Brent Res for quite some time now.  But I haven't seen it, and it's not for want of trying.  It keeps popping up on the Londonbirders wiki, I keep seeing it in the log book in the hide.  I've even seen it on another blog. I just haven't been able to see it in the flesh, on the water, doing what Scaup do. 

It's getting a bit frustrating.  I think that today, I might go and look at some Coots instead as I know that I'll find them.  Meanwhile, have a picture from the hide at Brent Res, without a Scaup. 

Brent Res doing clouds and stuff, but no Scaup.


Ernest said...

isn't "a thousand coots" a Big Country song, tartaniser and all? if not, it should be.
Few people know, or want to know, that all diving ducks can become invisible at will... it's something to do with the mixture of salty and pure water that they encounter. The extra salt pushes their atoms a bit further apart than normal and the light slips right through.
Eso si que no!!
Ray here.

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