One that got away...

Friday, March 19, 2010

...and one that has stayed for a while.

Remember this chap?

Yup - the partially albino/leucistic Blackbird is now in his fourth year and looking quite perky.  Well he looks perky in real life - in this picture he just looks like a fuzzy blob.

The ones that got away?  4 ducks flew over yesterday in the direction of Barnes, but the light wasn't good.  My best guess was Shoveler.  Unfortunately I couldn't be positive on the ID.  Strangely one of the birds had legs trailing prominently behind the tail - which I don't know of being an ID feature of any of our ducks but in the brief time I had I was rather fixated on this point.  So it may have been a Shoveler with a short tail.  Either way.  No tick.


Derek Gallagher said...

I have a very similar male blackbird that visits my back yard regularly.


Dave said...

We have a group of Robins(not the 'proper'ones, the American type)that are leucistic.
They're here early every year on their way to Canada.

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