puff puff on a chiffchaff

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Those with a penchant for a certain space-rock ensemble will be in awe at that post title.  The rest of you?  Don't worry about it.  Seriously.

Anyway - yesterday - patch - birds...

Kingfisher kicking about the Wandle delta
4 Gadwall (two pairs)
Half dozen Tufties
Grey Wagtail pair
8 Coots (one pair nesting, natch)
Moorhen sitting on nest (probably too low, as it was last year)
Egyptian, Canada and Greylag Geese
Gulls - but not many

Finally - a singing Chiffchaff.  That is a rare patch event!  Most of the Chiffchaffs round here are winter visitors (although 2009/10 was poor), and a singing bird is special.  And a patch year tick.

Chiffchaff - 56 for the year, second warbler in two days - well worth sparking the pipe up methinks...

A man doing "whatto!".


Dave said...

Whatto indeed!

Ernest said...

He's awfully clean-cut isn't he.

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