A little visitor

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Didn't expect much yesterday.  The tide was up, the winds strong.  There were a few gulls doing their best shearwater impressions over the Thames, but not much else going on.  Got to the Wandle, and went for a look at the coots, and found a Dabchick!  55 for the year!  Last week I was pondering on the fact that I hadn't seen one this winter, and that I normally do see one or two so it was a pleasant surprise.  The final fling for winter I suspect. 

The Coots still nest, the tide still rises, Swans have a nest site, Grebes are aggressive, Moorhens are prospecting and Greenfinches wheeze.  It's spring.  Just.

A Coot doing collecting and overexposure.


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