More spring sprunging

Friday, March 05, 2010

In places it may look like spring, but standing by the Thames for half an hour over the last couple of days it has felt like winter, good and proper.  The wind has been strong and bitter.

However, this spring thing continues to show regardless.  Greenfinches singing, maybe three Dunnocks singing, Magpies carrying sticks around and some plumage changes.  The amount of Black-headed Gulls that are now with hood seem to be increasing daily, Common Gulls are starting to look a lot smarter and the resident Grebes have got their summer plumage back.  They are sticking together a lot more too, and I expect that soon they will be doing all that head flicking stuff.

There was only one Teal on the Wandle yesterday, and that will be gone soon, along with the Gadwall and most of the Gulls.  Come to think of it, most of what I've got at the moment will be gone and I don't get many summer visitors which means I look at what exactly in the summer?

Oh yeah, Coots.  On a shopping trolley.  Don't worry dear reader, I'm sure that they will soon dominate this blog again...

Great Crested Grebes doing swimming away from me when I'm trying to take a photo.


Ernest said...

I have put spring is sprung on my blog especially for you!
Also, an Avocet has turned up at top birding spot leighton Moss, which is a sign of.... the foolishness of the Avocet I think.
Anyway, I am going to venture out and see what the day has to bring. Best wishes from Ray.

Dave said...

Great birds from behind shot! I have a friend in Sheffield, he has bulbs 'springing' up...I still have a foot of snow...

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