They're here!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Migrants that is.  Well I say here, but they are not here.  Not in the patch.  At all.  The Wetland Centre has reported Swallows and Sand Martins there are Osprey's moving through the area and it seems that there are a fair few Alpine Swifts around.  The only way to see any of these on the patch (excepting the Swift of course, lets keep it real here) is to go out into the patch rather than sit by a screen yacking on about why I haven't seen any birds in the patch.

So I did.

What a waste of time that was. 

I like birds, but there is only so long I can watch three Mallards for until I get bored.

A Mallard doing not much


Dave said...

Yep, mallards...

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